The interiors of Tower

Timeless beauty of Maiano’s tower

Simone Micheli has designed the interiors of Laghetto delle Colonne’s Tower, better known as Maiano’s Tower, transforming it into a welcoming and enduring work of art. The tower is wrapped in a fascinating aura, offering the visitor a sensational, dream like and super-dimensional experience. The tower becomes an imaginary place that offers its customers a different perspective and the possibility of understanding and reflecting on the deepest meaning of experience, freeing the mind from its day to day habits.

The project of Maiano’s Tower is characterized by a synesthetic and multi-sensioral approach that connects the user to the work.

Simone Micheli​

The tower, surrounded by the green of Romantic Park and reflected in the water of the pond below, is a harmonious and central element in the structure of the landscape that allows the visitor’s imagination to wander unbounded. The geometric lines that characterizes the outward appearance of the tower are softened by the aging past and by the vitality of the surrounding nature. From the outside and the interior of the tower there isn’t a clear limit but a continuous exchange without end. The ancient tower is converted into an extreme luxury suite where past, present and future are immediately integrated. Similarly, the lights and shadows are merged into a play of regards that captures the sight and human senses; it creates new, dynamic, unfathomable areas in the space. The walls of the structure show the sign of time, the furniture that Architect Simone Micheli made especially for the occasion are essential, fascinating, pure and perfectly fit with the rest of the environment, causing a timeless break in the cycle of everyday life.


Ground floor

On the ground floor is an elegant and welcoming kitchen; it’s a clean and pure area in which the senses are stimulated and the guest is encouraged to experience flavors and aromas. The kitchen is equipped with all of the comforts that create the ideal atmosphere to prepare excellent dishes.

Style details

  • White-lacquered wooden windows | all floors | Vitali Windows & Doors
  • Recessed “Pixel Plus” adjustable 17W – 2000 Lm. – Led Warm White – CRI80 – Spot Optic (18°)| – body in die-cast aluminium | ground floor, 1st and 2nd floors | iGuzzini Illuminazione
  • “Domus Touch” series – Switches, front plates and automation | all floors | AVE
  • Kitchen: front surfaces made with brushed fir solid wood with horizontal veining, opaque white-cream RAL 9001
    lacquered finishings. It is composed by a linear wall furniture-block where fridge/freezing and integrated hob are
    inserted. Doors have both handles and push&pull opening.
    Day area, with supporting surface and sink, is constituted by a peninsula shaped block with led illumination and
    folded manufacturing panels. Holes and profiles are made in aluminium with shiny inbox finishings. Working surfaces
    are made by white solid surface | Callesella Contract, design Simone Micheli
  • “Infinito” chrome handles | ground floor and 1st floor | Pamar, design Simone Micheli
  • Kitchen sink “Water Units” Collection and tap with shower “Lot” Collection | Dornbracht design Sieger Design
  • (EX) Round table, diameter of 140 cm, die-cast white cream RAL 9001 lacquered aluminum structure with crystal surface | Casprini, design Jorge Pensi
  • “Wire chair” seating collection in coated tube and steel wire, white cream RAL 9001, for indoor and outdoor | Casprini, design Simone Micheli
  • Mirrors with white graphics | Vetreria Bazzanese, design Simone Micheli
  • “Doodle” Suspension lamp, in a nickel nish. Each element is entirely hand-crafted and connected with cable | Terzani, design Simone Micheli

First floor


An ancient, safe, spiral staircase leads to the first floor. Here a welcoming living area allows you to relax and to find your lost harmony. Minds are put at east, the sofa gently welcomes the body. The surfaces reflect in the mirrors, deforming the space, the outside enters through a reflection of images. A little balcony over the pond offers the visitor a breathtaking landscape making it an essential part of the experience. It also contributes to a luminous, fluid, seductive and extremely comforting aura of beauty.

Product details

  • Lined Sofa with macro-head, Eco Leather upholstered with nice stitchings that make the covering beautiful and that underline the tailor made and well-finished details | Touch of Style, design Simone Micheli
  • “Diamon” modula pouf avavilable with or without glass surface, Eco Leather upholstered | iFranchi Italia, design Simone Micheli
  • “Skin collection” ecoleather for sofa, pouf | Gamma – Texilia
  • “Doodle” Wall lamp, in a nickel finish. Each element is entirely hand-crafted and connected with cable | 1st and 3rd floors | Terzani, design Simone Micheli
  • Transparent crystal shelf, highly thick | Vetreria Bazzanese
  • “Gilda” vase which light | Cyrus Company, design Simone Micheli
  • “Bottiglia” Lamp in solid iron, with led light. Diameter 56 cm – h.180 cm, white cream RAL 9001 varnished | Barel, design Simone Micheli
  • “Donut” round mirror frame | Vetreria Bazzanese, design Simone Micheli
  • Carter TV with glossy lacquered framework and mirror reflection front side by Vetreria Bazzanese | AD design, design Simone Micheli
  • White cream Ral 9001 lacquered column furniture, with door and minibar | AD design, design Simone Micheli
  • The K ECOSMART minibars thank to the patented Smart System are ultra-quiet and in energy efficiency class A+++ | Indel B

Love Room

Second floor

On the second floor the environment becomes essential and perfect to host a client in a candid suite room with a geometric designed bathroom. This space kindly lulls the guests from the night through the next morning. The fragments of mirror on the walls reflect the contrast between the past and the present, and the present and the future; the furniture is characterized by fluid and soft forms, and the limpid lighting creates a sharp temporality in which the only existing perception is the present: this moment. Transparency, open-space and clearness characterize the bathroom area; in this room perspectives are enhanced.

Product details

  • “Mizu – flowing light”, suspended lamp, white crystal. Like waterdroplets, no two Mizu are alike, each crystal shape
    is unique and made meticulously by hand | Terzani, design Nicolas Terzani
  • Bedroom wardrobe. White cream RAL 9001 lacquered wood. Mirrored front surface with acidity graphics by Vetreria
    Bazzanese and “Hole” handle by Pamar, design James Irvne | Leonardo Laboratorio di Costruzioni, design Simone Micheli
  • “SAFE 30 PLUS SMART” Safe Plus Smart combines safety with technology and design | Indel B
  • “Cubiko” bed with integrated bed-head and with mattress and night table. White cream RAL 9001 lacquered wooden structure | Sacea – Cyrus Company, design Cyrus Company
  • “Clessidra” round table made with forged reinforcing bar, white cream RAL 9001 lacquered wooden surface. 73cm diameters – 45 cm high | Barel, design Simone Micheli
  • “Cervo” Accessory in solid iron, width 144 cm – h.180 cm – depth 77 cm, white cream varnished | Barel, design Simone Micheli
    Two-facial wall made with mirror with acidic graphics. It has rails and sliding door to enter into the bath area | Vetreria Bazzanese, design Simone Micheli
  • “My Bath” bath furniture made by solid surface with sink, mirror and shelves | ARCA, design Simone Micheli
  • Extra clear shower-wall with sliding door | Vetreria Bazzanese, design Simone Micheli
  • Sink mixer “Meta.02” Collection and shower-head “Water Modules” collection, thermostatic with taps for showers
  • “Tara” Collection | Dornbracht, design Sieger Design
  • “OH” vase and vase’s cover made by white ceramic | Simas, design Simone Micheli
  • Collection “Light”- scolpito, full body porcelain 120×120 thickness 4.8 mm | bathroom area | DSG ceramiche
  • Resin floor “Dega® Concrete”, a non-toxic bicomponent product, combines the aesthetic appearance of cement
    screeds and micro-cements with the chemical and physical properties of resins | 2nd and 3rd floor |Gobbetto


Third floor

Going even higher we reach the third floor, dedicated to wellness and relaxation. The space is completely dedicated to restoring the balance between mind and body. Each piece of furniture is characterized by soft lines and the violet of the chairs communicates a sense of energy and vitality. The multifunctional turkish bath and a dedicated area with herbal teas, characterizes the space and become the essential parameters of a virtuous contest reinforced by the rugged walls and the intrusion of the original wooden paneling and carpentry.

Product details

  • Turkish bath made with white solid surface. It has generator and shower, integrated with bench and led illumination.
    Crystal door | ARCA, design Simone Micheli
  • Supply and installation of steam generator with immersed electrodes specific to steam baths, with steam production of 5 Kg/h, remote electronic control, essences dosage system, special steam outlet nozzle made with stainless steel aisi 316 powder coated, white color | Aquaspecial
  • Mixer and shower “Lulu” Collection | Dornbracht, design Sieger Design
  • Infusions container-furniture, white cream RAL 9001 lacquered wooden structure | Leonardo Laboratorio di Costruzioni, design Simone Micheli
  • JOY straight stairs made with steel and glass. Its particularity is created by the dimensional alternation of the structure, by curving corners, by contrast among vertical crystal surfaces and the horizontal whiten beech-wooden ones | Executive, design Simone Micheli
  • “Bamboo” Chaise Longue in adaptable modules. Upholstered structure, pulling-out covering made with lilac fabric iFranchi Italia, design Simone Micheli



A minimal and contemporary design style staircase leads to the exterior; here it is possible to find a comfortable solarium-space that envelopes the visitor, as he continues the wellness experience he started with his entrance in the tower. This last soft-touch brings to an end a luxury refined experience lived during one’s journey in the tower. This work of art expresses its being as a place-work, distinguished by a combination of beauty and functionality.

Product details

  • The “Eclipsum” umbrella is an eye-catcher and shade maker all in one! 360° rotatable, a unique showpiece! The large, elegant ring with its design shade sail offers a tempting, artistic spectacle and reviving shade | Umbrosa, design NG Design
  • Alape sink and mono-command mixer only cold water “Tara” collection | Dornbracht, design
  • “Bamboo” Chaise Longue in adaptable modules. Upholstered structure, pulling-out covering made with ecru ecoleather | iFranchi Italia, design Simone Micheli
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