“A secret meeting place” for Fattoria di Maiano

The Timeless Beauty of the Tower

Maiano’s Tower

A bold and ingenious idea brought this project to life, which is designed to leave its mark in the memory of each visitor, returning a jewel of rare beauty to the territory and allowing visitors to be completely immersed in a lovely temptation suspended between the past and the future. Thanks to the intelligent and precious participation of selected internationally renowned companies that helped realize the idea, it will be possible to enjoy “a vita nuova restituito”.

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Interiors of the Tower

Simone Micheli has designed the interiors of Maiano’s Tower, transforming it into a welcoming and enduring work of art. The tower is wrapped in a fascinating aura, offering the visitor a sensational, dream like and super-dimensional experience.

The beauty of the Tuscan hills

Fattoria di Maiano

The Tower of Maiano is located inside the Fattoria di Maiano, in the gentle landscape of the hills of Fiesole. Here you can enjoy a unique landscape, celebrated by artists and historical figures, forgetting the stress and noise of the city.

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